Prop Questions

What kind of prop are running and what kind of speeds/RPMs do get out of it?

Wailana = Old Martec 2 bladed ungeared folder = 5.5 kts under power with no wind at 2800 RPM but we cruise at 5 kts. at 2600 RPM. Now that’s with a clean bottom with no dinghy.
Anything over 2600 and we get a loud and shaky vibration.


3 thoughts on “Prop Questions


    I think when I reproped lots of years ago we ended up with 14″ x12 prop. I would give Martec a call and give them the parameters of the boat and most likely they can replace the blades on your hub and it is a lot cheaper then a new prop. We have had ours rebladed once due to galvanic corrosion as the harbor we moor in is a “hot” harbor as far as stray electrical current. Obviously check the cutlass bearing when the boat is out of the water for any play. We motor at 3000-3100 without issues and that Yanmar is designed to run at high rpm’s without any problems. at those rpms we motor at 6.4 towing a 10ft rib dingy. I have always felt the E34 motored better then it should and when we raced heavily many competitors commented on our motoring speed for a 34 ft boat. As far as light air performance and performance in general make sure you have enough mast rake as this boat needs it.


  2. Jim

    Hello Mark,
    I finally got around to investigating the motoring speed of Houdini and once I took a DA to the roots on the Martec prop I found it had a 16X8 on there. We would get 5.5kts in flat water at 3K RPM. I did a bunch of reading and decided to go with a Flexofold as we cruise the boat a lot and the Flexofold seems to be knows for their speed. I talked to the US distributor and he recommended a 15X11 and ordered one up and it was received from DK in 4 days. Houdini splashed a week ago and I can say the difference was worth every penny. We are now doing 6.7-6.9kts at 2600-2700RPM and she does 7.2 at 3K RPM, at WOT throttle she will pull 3300-3400RPM and 7.5kts but is pretty darn smokey. I am thinking that we will now run the motor at 26-2700 for normal cruising and 3K if we are in a rush. If I had to do it over again I think a 15X10 or 16X10 would be the sweet spot as she will not make red-line any longer with the deeper pitched prop.

    It was an expensive upgrade but with a planned cruise out to the Vinyard and surrounding areas later this summer it will be much appreciated if we have the weather we had last year during our cruise.



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