New Flexofold Prop for the Express 34 = $1,205

Hello All –

I got a quote for for a new prop from Flexofold.  $1205 – Ouch!

I think I’ll try to get my old Martec refurbished!

I gave them the specs for the E34 and here’s what they recommended:


Hello Greg

With a 3YM20, 21/3600 ( gear reduction ratio 1:2.62 forward and 1:3.06 reverse ) we would recommend a 2-blade 16x12R propeller for your Alsberg Express 34.

The price for a complete 2-blade 16x12R propeller with hub for SAE standard shaft is USD 1,205
Price is incl. shipping costs with a door-to-door service by UPS from Flexofold in Denmark to the address in the USA (mainland). Please check if there are some local duties.

Shipment can be made within 3 days from orderdate and registration of your pre-payment.
There is a 3 years warranty on the complete propeller, however, product life warranty on the shock absorbers!

Safety first – On a folding propeller, the blades do not stick out while sailing as they do on fixed and feathering propellers.  You won’t catch lobster or crab pots, fishing lines or debris in the water, a “catch” which ultimately may result in loss of steering ability and accident.

Value for money  On a Flexofold propeller, the only moving parts are the blades. Smooth acting gears and strong materials secure long durability without need of messy greasing, rebuilding or other maintenance required.
Get a Flexofold propeller and spend your time sailing – for many years to come.

Read what other sailors have to say about Flexofold on

You can read more about the propeller, references, installation, warranty etc. on

Looking forward hearing from you soon again.

Best regards
Marlene Storm

Flexofold ApS
Bramdrupvej 50
DK-6040 Egtved
Tel. +45 75 55 43 46
Fax +45 75 55 43 66


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