Prop Summary

So after doing a bunch of research here’s what I found:

Wailana – Hull #1 – has the original 16 X 10 R ( 16″ diameter X 10″ pitch right hand turning) Martec folding two blade prop that was sized to fit original engine. When the previous owner replaced the engine he didn’t replace the prop. So Mark W. is correct; it is under-propped which is why I can’t quite reach the 6/6.5 knot mark without pushing it.

Both Felxofold and Martec recommend the 16 X 12 R. The higher pitch will give a better top end speed with my Yanmar 3YM20. Gary Beck at Martec estimates 1/2 to 1 knot increase. RPM should also decrease by 200 or so.

As of 9/15, Martec wants a $975 + S&H for a new Mark III non-geared folder. They want ~$270 to refurb the old one which should get rid of the vibration but won’t help the speed issue. The recommended refurb interval is 4-10 year depending on use and abuse.

Flexofold wants $1,205 for their geared folder. Shipping included.

Anybody know what the original engine installed in the E34 was?

Hope this helps! – Greg S.


Flexofold 2 bladed folding prop

Flexofold 2 bladed folding prop

Martec MK III folding prop

Martec MK III folding prop


3 thoughts on “Prop Summary


    The original engine is the Yanmar 2GM20 We are on our second one after having a fuel pump diagram failure that filled the crankcase with diesel and resulted in a run away engine.


  2. Jim

    As I am getting Houdini (Hull #28) ready for the ’16 sailing season I did a bit of investigation on why we can only make 5.4-5.6kts in flat water at 3K RPM. I found that someone installed a Martec 16X8 on her instead of the standard 16X10…this explains why I can pin the tach at 4K RPM if I want. I did a bunch of research and decided to go with the Flexofold prop and they recommended a 15X11 saying that we should see an easy knot increase at a lower crueising RPM….sounds like a win/win especially as we have a 130 mile transit each way later this summer. I will report back once she is in the water.



    1. Wailana Express 34 Post author

      Hi Jim,

      It’s interesting that when I contacted Flexofold they recommended the 16 X 12 R. Since I’m in line to re-prop this fall I’ll be watching closely to see what happens. Can you take notes & pictures of the install? I’m assuming that you’ve got a 1″ shaft, correct? Here’s a link on lap fitting a prop onto a shaft.

      Good luck and let us know how it goes!

      Greg S.



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