Servicing the Winches

Winch disassembly  Barient 21

So my goal this winter is to service all of my winches. I’ve started with my Barient 21 halyard winches.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

  • The initial installation, while it had a backing plate, did not have the bolt holes through the cored deck properly plugged. I’ve hollowed these out using a dremel tool after I tried the allen wrench in the drill bit trick which failed miserably. I then filled these with a thickened epoxy mix and re-drilled the holes.
  • Simple Green cleaner at the heavy duty concentrations will not touch the thicker layers of grease. I didn’t want to go the petrochemical nuclear option so I opted for lots of Costco microfiber rags and elbow grease. I used a wooden ruler wrapped in one of these rags to clean all the gear teeth. Super fun.
  • Upon disassembly I found these winches to be in pretty good shape. The grease was starting to thicken and they were dirty, but  they cleaned up well. There was a minor amount of corrosion underneath the base mounting plate. I’m glad I caught that before it went too far.
  • When installing the pawl spring, hold your hand over or a towel around the work area. These tiny springs want to jump out with a ‘ping’ and you will never ever find them. How do I know this…? A buck a pop at West Marine.
  • As per the internet, I’m lubricating everything with SuperLube. The pawls get light machine oil.
  • Everything takes longer than you think. Way longer.
    Especially when you’re trying to do everything the right way.

Cheers – Greg

PS. Wailana took the top spot in 4 out of 5 races in our local fall series races. Double-handed.


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