Epiphany – the mystery boat!

All I had to go on was a YouTube video. It turns out that Epiphany (ex Avalanche Lily) is hull #26 (we think). Look how clean the interior is! Wow. Thanks for the pics Mark!

Here’s more from the owner Mark H. out of Florida.

Thank you for the site.  I am the E34 from the Fort Walton Beach area.  I bought the former Avalanche Lily back in 2012 and shipped it down to the Panhandle.  It’s renamed Epiphany.  I named it Epiphany based on the sudden insight that there will never be a good time to by the boat and I should jump in before it’s too late.  This is not my first Express or first sailboat.  Aside from small boats and beach cat, I’ve owned an Express 27, J/29 and J/22.  I still have the 22 and that is my hard core race boat.  When I bought the 34, the boat was a bit of a mess and I’ve been putting it back together since then.   I have a bunch of pics of the process I’d share if interested.  Right now I’m in the process of revamping the head and installing an AirHead.  Oddly enough, I have hull number 26 (which is the example HIN from your site, ABQ34026H788).  From the YouTube video you could see that I’m running with Sail Number 5341.  I’m using the same SN as the previous owner; I don’t know the lineage.  I don’t have any history of the boat except that I’m the third owner.  The first owner bought the boat in FL, the second owner moved the boat to Vermont and now I’ve brought it back to the warm weather again.  If you send me an email address I’ll forward a sample of the pics and videos I have as well as the upgrades and fixes I’ve implemented (mistakes too).  Thanks again for putting this site together to celebrate a wonderful boat and the folks who sail them.  Mark

Epiphany is my version of a cruising boat, I’m not in the cruising mode just yet.  

I’ve made a lot of repairs and some mods to the boat over the last four years I’ve owned her.  I’m trying to build a rudimentary photo log of most of what I’ve done.  Once I have a draft I’ll share.  I expect that it will be a large file.  Based on my observations of other 34s I think the most obvious differences (from older boats to the newest) are the nav table (newer ones have a raised section on the forward end of the table), overhead fiberglass bins (the newer ones have an integrated switch panel), the nav seat is a bench (as opposed to a seat).  One pic captures all.


Epiphany Exterior 3 Epiphany Interior 1 Epiphany Exterior 2 Epiphany Exterior 4 Epiphany Exterior 1


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