Need a New Rudder?

I got a quote for a new rudder from PYI Inc. There’s nothing currently wrong with mine, I just wanted to see what a fancy new one would cost.

Here’s what they recommend. Cheers! – Greg S. – Wailana – Hull #1


PYI RudderThank you for stopping to talk about a new rudder while you were at PYI Inc.

My notes said the RUD26 would be a close match to your current rudder dimensions. The dimensions can be seen at this link
The complete rudder with an aluminum stock would be $2,979.00 FOB Lynnwood WA.

For a tiller steering boat the most common bearing is the 6s series with GRP tube running from hull to deck with roller bearings in the tube.
More information about this bearing can be seen at this link
A 6S060 Rudder bearing would be $739.00.

Please review this information and reply or call with any questions or comments.

Thank you.

Phil Quartararo
PYI Inc.

Phone 425-355-3669 or 800-523-7558, Fax 425-355-3661
Email: Web


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