Rod rigging Q&A

Does anyone have coaching about the rod rigging?  What inspection schedule?  What depth of inspection?  Navtec has 3 levels.  Has anyone replaced their rods and other rigging?  If so how much did it cost?  Thanks!  John, # 12, Petite Helene



2 thoughts on “Rod rigging Q&A

  1. Wailana Express 34 Post author

    Hi John,
    I had my rig replaced when I was getting my topsides paint job done back in the summer of 2014. One of those, “Well, since I’ve got to pull the stick to put it in the paint booth might as well look at the rig”. Good thing I did since there were cracks around the latitude of the mushroom heads on some of the fittings. I ended up replacing the entire rig and while I was at it got a new Harken Carbo Foil installed (which I love).

    The problem with most ‘rig inspections’ is that they can’t see the rod ends which is where I understand most of the damage occurs!

    The total bill was around $5,500. Ouch! It sure did put a dent in the cruising kitty but knowing I’ve got a sound rig gives me some piece of mind. The riggers that I talked to said they’ve seen 25 year old rod that was just fine and 5 year old rod that was trashed. I think a lot of it has to do with how much and how hard you sail the boat. I plan to baby mine now!

    Cheers – Greg S. – Wailana, Hull #1


    1. Wailana Express 34 Post author


      You got the whole rod rigging replaced for ~ $5500? Did that include labor or did you do it yourself while the mast was down? Did you get it from a dealer or from Navtec?


      Hi John,

      Yep, it was all the standing rigging: forestay, backstay, main stays and intermediates. I did all the removal of the stays and they put it back together. I don’t know where the rigger got the rod from. Hopefully not ‘Rods-r-Us’!

      Pulling the stick and putting it back in was part of the paint job so it was not included in the 5.5K.
      I helped as much as I could. I cleaned fittings, waxed the mast, put on a new VHF antenna, installed LED mast lights, a flag halyard, cleaned up the spreaders; that sort of thing.

      I also caulked all the fittings on the mast which really cut down on the amount of water coming down the mast. I spent a week at the yard all totaled.





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