Mast Rake?


So hanging a bucket full of water off the main halyard, I get ~20″ of  mast rake from the halyard to the mast. This is measured just above the furled mainsail, about 24″ above the boom.
Seems like a lot to me…What are you folks getting?

Does anybody have any rig tuning numbers or even guidelines? I’m just guessing about the rig tune at this point.

Thanks – Greg S. – Wailana

More on mast rake from Mark H. on Epiphany:

Regarding mast rake on the E34, I measured the rake of the mast at a point 70” up from the deck.  This was done to get around the stacked mainsail.  I hung an approximately 2 ib weight from the main halyard and (measuring from the back of the mast) recorded 20” with no backstay tension on and 24” with about 75% of max, backstay tension.  

It was a lot more than I would have guessed just looking at the rig.   

In thinking about this some more, clearly the perceived (and even measured) rake using this methodology would be influenced by the fore-aft trim of the vessel.  As I look at the waterline, it looks fairly level to me.


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