Jackpot! Goldmine! Bonanza!


A slow Wednesday night race

Mark H. on Epiphany has just sent me a treasure trove of good information about his gorgeous boat! Tons of great information on rig, rudders, heads and more!  I’m going to dole it out bite sized chunks over the next several weeks so stay tuned!

Here’s the first installment from Mark:

I replaced all the standing rigging as soon as I purchased Epiphany in 2012 with the belief that the included rigging was original (maybe it is, maybe not). I went straight back to Buzz Ballenger (http://www.ballengerspars.com) the OEM for the Express rigs.  He had all the specs on hand and quickly delivered a perfectly fitting rig.  It was a very fair price.  I cannot over state this, if you are looking for standing rigging for the Express, call Buzz.   Also, this year I broke from my 30+ years of sailing and added a roller furler to the boat.  I love it (maybe that’s a reflection of getting old).  I don’t notice any discernible difference in speed (yes, I know there must be some) and the spin hoists and takedowns are much easier and faster with the furler.  Single handing the boat is now really easy.


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