Updated! – Traveler has a new owner!

Dave R. is the new (well…newish) owner of Traveler check out his comments below!


Traveler in the Bay


Traveler at the bridge


Traveler spinnaker run

Very glad to see an e34 website! I bought Traveler (hull #5) in February 2014 and moved her back up to the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically Alameda. Love this boat! We race her in a couple of series: YRA (the former Party Circuit weekends) and Interclub (primarily South Bay courses). Looking forward to more cruising around the Bay too.

One issue I’ve had was a leak at the lower rudder bearing (my bearings were thankfully delrin). The liner pan was not completely glassed to the hull back there, so a glass guru at a local yard cut an access hole through the liner near the rudder tube and gooped it all pretty good. Then I have to get at all the little leaks around opening windows and main salon hatch – thanks for the reminder, rainy season.

Yes, I’ve kept the name (as I believe the last few owners have – the owner just prior to me, whose tenure lasted 8 years had the boat in Marina Del Rey, had even kept Sausalito as the hailing port on the transom). Judging by the title document, I’m about the 9th owner (!) The boat has lived about half her life up here and the other half down south. There were two other names, listed on documents that came with the boat – I’ll try to jot them down and forward next time I’m aboard.

For clarity, my leak wasn’t a problem with the bearing per se, but with the hull near the bearing – maybe a crack caused when the original bearing was pounded out? I’ve heard those aluminum Harken bearings were less than desirable.

My rating is 99 too – and there’s a comment at the bottom of my certificate that says deduction of 6 sec because of oversized spin (!) (luffs are about 42′ and foot is about 22′ – since the boat was in LA for at least 8 years, I figured folks were just able to get away with the “big” kite, but …). Had an interesting experience last year in a race that’s usually a mostly downwind ride (Berkeley to Vallejo). Came in right behind Marrakech, which I was feeling really good about until I learned she was 2nd from last (!) Then, about 6 weeks later results were calculated, for informational purposes only, using our downwind ratings, and we both moved up into mid-fleet. So evidently our 99 rating is favored for driving to the windward mark.


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