Cams needs love too!

So all the do-dads that make the Express 34 so ‘tweakable’ also means that you have to occasionally pay them a little attention. Or wait a bit and then it’s a lot of attention. Take these cams:

Half a cam ain't no cam!

Half a cam ain’t no cam!

It’s easy to forget about these kinds of parts.

Sometimes the best maintenance is the skipper’s shadow. Spend time on your boat just looking at things…really looking. Get down on your hands and knees, stick your head in places where you don’t normally stick your head, stare at stuff and wonder, “Why is it like that?”. Take things apart. Put them back together. Clean off the crud and put a magnifying glass on it. Go up your mast and look around. If you can’t do that, get a pair of binoculars, lay down on the deck and cockpit and just look up there.

Bit o’ Trivia – Why are the Express masts black? Black anodizing lasts much longer that other types. As per Buzz Ballenger- Ballenger Spars


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