Sabrina in her new home

Jim H. has Sabrina home at last in Callao VA.
That’s a pretty sweet spot!

From Jim:
“My brother and I sailed 400 miles from Glen Cove NY to Callao VA, stopping along the NJ coast 3 nights then an overnight 200 miles from Cape May to Callao.  We had 30+ every day off NJ, the boat managed fine as long as you reefed early.  We learned pretty quick that as soon as you see 20, 30 is right behind it!  We left just after a coastal low passed NY and were in the Potomac just as the next one arrived, giving us NW wind in the Atlantic then a nice Easterly in the Ches Bay, fast, flat water sailing most of the way. We hit the Hells Gate current window on time and “squirt” out of NY harbor sometimes hitting 10 kts SOG, then a 2am departure from Cape May let us enjoy 12 hours of fair current all the way up the Delaware Bay, through the C & D Canal and down the first 25 miles of the Chesapeake, pretty neat.

I’m moving up from a sport boat to the Express 34, will do some crewed racing on the Ches Bay this year, then after a year or two of practice maybe do some shorthanded racing.  I could not be happier with the 34 design, the condition of the boat and support we got from the previous owner.  Greg and the info on this site have been very helpful and I look forward to contributing.”

Home at last


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