Is the Express 34 a classic?

Think about this – the Express 34 is thirty years old.
Does that make it a classic? What makes a boat a classic? Speed? Popularity? Longevity?

Whisper in the rainbow

On the short list of fiberglass boats that define a classic plastic from the 1980’s, here’s what I came up with:

  • J-35
  • Express 27 & 37
  • Olson 30, 911s
  • Santa Cruz 27, 50
  • Frers 33
  • Others?

While the Alsberg Brothers produced the 34 in nowhere near the numbers of the more popular 27 and 37, the Express speed, strength and versatility DNA is still deeply embeded. No doubt it’s a better cruising boat than either of her sisters.
Of course I’m biased, but I’m calling the Express 34 a ‘Classic Sleeper’. What do you think?


Greg S. – Wailana – Hull #1



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