Akvablue for sale

What’s with all these East coast boats for sale cheap?

Other than having a wheel it looks pretty sweet!

See the full details here!


14 thoughts on “Akvablue for sale

  1. Taylor Hoppe

    Does anyone know the history on this boat, I know the motor is shot, from sitting and oil filter was changed in 2009. I believe the guy that owned it raced out of Ct and bought a seawind 1000xl to cruise, has twins and possibly a member of Indian Harbor YC. Info I gathered from forum salient. Any info on this boat or previous owners?


    1. Greg Sutherland - Wailana - Express 34

      Hi Taylor – I don’t know much about this boat. It’s new to us. The state of the engine may explain the price discount. It seemed cheep to me. Sounds like it was the original 18 hp engine. Does the broker have a HIN for this boat? You thinking about buying it? Cheers, Greg S. Wailana – Hull #1.


      1. Taylor Hoppe

        I live in Edmonds and my dad raced against Satyr when he owned kiwi express. I knew Satyr to be a good boat and I am having the boat surveyed tomorrow


  2. Greg S.

    Hi Taylor,
    I’m a big guy; 260 lbs and the foredeck around the hatch gives >slightly< other than that it's pretty solid. Might want to have the surveyor test to see if there are core issues – moisture, delamination, etc – in the area.



    1. Frank Walter

      I just saw the posting on yacht world today and then found this post. I have contacted the dealer to get more information. Taylor did you have Akvablue or Satyr surveyed? I was not sure with how you phrased it.


  3. Wailana Express 34 Post author

    Hi Doug,

    This boat has been sold to Kimbal H. It is now called ‘Hall Aboard’.
    Keep checking Yachtworld or sometimes SailboatListings.com and Latitude 38 magazine. They are great boats, just hard to find sometimes!
    We went from 3 for sale last year to none this year. Go figure.


    Greg S.



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