More from Whisper

More from Tom B., the owner of Whisper out of Monroe Harbor, Chicago IL

“I own hull number 24, Whisper. She races out of Columbia YC located in Monroe Harbor, Chicago IL. PHRF handicap is now 96.
The only changes to the boat are moving the secondary winches to the cabin top, removing two of the halyard winches and replacing the other two with Harken 40 ST winches. The check stays now lead directly (no purchase) to the cabin top winches. We also switched to a MaxProp classic two blade propeller.
The only structural repairs we have made are cutting out the bottom 8 inches of the main bulkhead and scarfing in a G10 panel. This seems to be a common repair to both the 34 and 37.
Whisper has done very well racing. We have won our class once in the Chicago to Mackinac race, we dominate our class in the light air Wednesday evening series, and we do very well on the weekend races as well. We were the Chicago Yachting Association Boat of the Year last year.
Our sail inventory is all North.: Nordic Radian mainsail, 0.6 oz Norlon deep running spinnaker (shape between code 1.5 and 4?) and carbon 3DL genoa. Sail Number is US42934.
The most annoying thing about the boat is the location of the traveller. I have seen two Express 37s with racing cockpits (one originally built that way and one modified) which look great. But I do not have the money to do that with my boat.
The original name of the boat was Taxi Dance. Ownership history is somewhat murky but I believe we are the third owner. There was another Express 34 in the Chicago area in the early 90s, Second Helping USA41362, but I do not know were she is now.”

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Sabrina in her new home

Jim H. has Sabrina home at last in Callao VA.
That’s a pretty sweet spot!

From Jim:
“My brother and I sailed 400 miles from Glen Cove NY to Callao VA, stopping along the NJ coast 3 nights then an overnight 200 miles from Cape May to Callao.  We had 30+ every day off NJ, the boat managed fine as long as you reefed early.  We learned pretty quick that as soon as you see 20, 30 is right behind it!  We left just after a coastal low passed NY and were in the Potomac just as the next one arrived, giving us NW wind in the Atlantic then a nice Easterly in the Ches Bay, fast, flat water sailing most of the way. We hit the Hells Gate current window on time and “squirt” out of NY harbor sometimes hitting 10 kts SOG, then a 2am departure from Cape May let us enjoy 12 hours of fair current all the way up the Delaware Bay, through the C & D Canal and down the first 25 miles of the Chesapeake, pretty neat.

I’m moving up from a sport boat to the Express 34, will do some crewed racing on the Ches Bay this year, then after a year or two of practice maybe do some shorthanded racing.  I could not be happier with the 34 design, the condition of the boat and support we got from the previous owner.  Greg and the info on this site have been very helpful and I look forward to contributing.”

Home at last

Whisper’s Offshore Racing Rule Certificate

Tom B. the owner of Whisper out of Chicago sent us his ORR certificate! I’m not sure exactly what all this stuff means but I’m pretty sure it’s a license to kick ass on the race course. Click on the graphic or link below.

Whisper’s ORR Cert.

Whisper ORR 2017 Whisper ORR 2017

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Whisper with her ‘Blue Chute’

Time to check your chain plate fittings!

From John D. on Petite Helene:
“BTW, I inspected and replaced the rods on my boat.  During the inspection we found evidence of failure starting to happen on two of the four deck chainplate fittings.  We have a structural engineer on our boat and we redesigned them. 

Then…you won’t believe this…but one of my crew has a CNC machine in his garage!!  What are the odds? And he knows how to use it.  He machined the new parts from solid blocks of 316L Stainless Steel.  They are MUCH stronger than the old ones.  When archeologists dig our area out in thousands of years, these parts will still be here.  They will wonder what our primitive civilization did with them.
I don’t think I have a dimensioned drawing but I can send you a concept and what I know about the dimensions.

They were failing on the base of the U.  Cracks formed between the deck bolt holes and the edges of the parts.  One of them had cracked all the way to both ends and was showing hairline cracks in between the bolt holes!  It was CLOSE to failure!

Yes, please inspect yours.”



Tom B. the owner of Whisper out of Monroe Harbor, Chicago IL sent me some amazing material! Stellar photos, major bulkhead rebuild and his ORR certificate! I’m already planning on doing a Vulcan mind-meld to extract all his racing knowledge! Stay tuned!

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Whisper under the Mackinac bridge