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Rudder Post Post

From Jim H. on Sabrina – reply below if you can help a brother out!

Hi folks…happy Spring to all. Had my first sail last weekend and my rudder is sloppy, making clunking noises in a seaway. Does anyone have the Jefa part numbers to replace the original Harken bearings?



I so want to go to this!

Unfortunately I’ve committed to doing Swiftsure this year. Oh and also it’s 1,200 miles away…can somebody please go to this and report back?!

While you’re there, kidnap pull aside Terry Alsberg so we can interrogate politely ask him questions!

How big is your stick?

From Kimball on ‘Hall Aboard’,
Well, its definitely still winter here in the northeast, but boat work is under way.
My boat got dropped off in the yard in RI in early December, which puts it in the front of the line for going in the water in April.  I live about an hour away from the boat, and have a couple of kids, so project time is somewhat limited, but I have 3 main projects that I’d like to get done before the summer:
  1. I’m replacing the rod rigging, because I have no idea how old it is, and it is showing some signs of wear.  I’ll feel much better if I know where I stand on that one.
  2. I don’t have a holding tank.  A previous owner put in a macerator pump, whcih discharges the waste directly overboard, which is a big no-no pretty much anywhere I’m going to be sailing.  I need to add a holding tank, but I think I’m going to keep the macerator pump on one side of the Y-valve downstream of the holding tank as an option for pumping waste overboard if needed.
  3. I was thinking about keeping the wheel for the first year to see if I like it, but I just can’t do it.  I’m removing the wheel, replacing the lower rudder bearing, and adding a tiller, engine throttle, and compass.  This is the one I have a question about.  Do you have a picture of your tiller you could send, including the attachment to the top of the rudder post?  Also, do you know how long your tiller is?

Pre-made tillers for the Express 34

Hi Kimbal,
I’ve got two tillers. The one in my garage is 58” long. The one that’s currently on my boat has been chopped down to 44” long. Both have butt ends measuring a hair less than 2 7/8” x 2 7/8” to fit my Schafer rudder head hardware.
I’m assuming the previous owner did this to reduce the cockpit clearing sweep of the long one. I’m now curious to try the long one. Neither tiller has much ‘drop’ to them. In fact the long one has a bit of ‘rise’. See the pics.
Greg Sutherland
Wailana – Express 34  – Hull #1

Thanks for the pictures and info about the tiller length, I’d be curious to know how long other boats tillers are.  Do you ever feel you don’t have enough leverage with the shorter tiller?  14″ is a lot to cut off!!!

Yes, I was a little stunned when I saw the long one!

It’s interesting that the one from Rudder Craft is the same length as my short one.  It might also have to do with where you sit in the cockpit with the hiking stick.
I’ll post this to the site and see what we get. What say you internet?
So how long is your stick?


Tiller with hiking stick

Wailana’s short tiller with hiking stick

Rudder Post Head

Rudder Mount

Close up of the rudder post head.

Wailana’s Long Tiller

Long tiller top view

Cloud Splitter

From John C.

La Penogg is soon to be Cloud Splitter

It was owned by Larry U.
It is hull number 2 and was the boat that was shown at the Annapolis boat show in 1987. It was then brought to the Connecticut boat show where Larry saw it. He is the only owner of the boat and had quite a race record.

He sailed it primarily on Long Island sound, we sailed it though Hells Gate in NYC and up the Hudson were it will find it new home on Lake George NY.

It is currently completely stripped down and we are working hard on a complete restoration. She had issues with a wet top deck so all the hard ware has been removed and completely redone with new top side paint and non skid.

The inside of the boat was hardly used but we have gone through this and redone everything inside. These are very well made boats and a pleasure to restore.
There is not an inch of this boat that is not being redone at this point hoping to give it another 30 years of life.

John C.

6 Tons on the move…

From Doug W.

“Trip to Vermilion pulling an empty trailer went uneventfully Thursday night.  Took a while to get the loaded on the trailer.  We put the mast through the bow pulpit and built a stand for the aft end of the mast.  On the trailer, the boat was less than 13′ to the bow pulpit, and with the trailer about 12,000 lbs going down the road.  It was a stressful ride home for sure.  Thought the tires were fine, but once loaded with all that weight two started to go down. I changed one to the spare and nursed the other one the rest of the way home.  It was a stressful ride for sure but all is well. “