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Hey Santa! All I want is to talk to the Man!

Yep. Forget the stocking stuffers, beard trimmers and bathrobes.

I want to get the facts straight, set the rumors to rest and find out just what’s hidden underneath that gelcoat.

That’s right I want to talk to the man – Terry Alsberg.

Terry ‘The Man’ Alsberg

I’ve got questions. Do you? Reply below and I’ll put them on my list. Here’s to get you started…

  1. Was there really a secret team of European pros brought in to make the mold for the 34?
  2. Does the 34 use the same fiberglass layup schedule as 37?
  3. After all these years, how do you feel about the 34 in relation to the 27 & 37?

What else do you have? Bring it. By January 15, 2018.

Greg S. – Wailana – Hull #1