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Anybody want my old Martec prop?

For the cost of shipping you can have my old Martec 16″ X 10″ RH folding prop. Fits a 1″ shaft.

It needs to be refurbished by Martec; cost = ~$300. This was the standard equipment I believe and would work well with the standard 18 HP engine. I would not recommend it with a larger engine.


Greg S. – Wailana Hull #1


Prop shaft repair and stuffing box packing

This is from Mark H. on Epiphany in Florida.

It’s be a good thing to check your prop shaft support on your boat since there are a lot of dynamics happening in this area and failure = water on the inside! Happy holidays! Greg S.

Prop shaft support

Prop shaft support

Prop shaft support failure

Prop shaft support failure

Prop shaft support

Prop shaft support repair

Close up - prop shaft support

Close up – prop shaft support repair

From Mark H. on Epiphany.

Packing the propshaft
    As soon as I purchased the boat, I replaced the original packing nut and shaft log hose with the PSS Shaft Seal from PYI.  This worked for the most part but it definitely leaked water especially during a cold start of my 2gm20f Yanmar.  The motor jumps around so much that the graphite seal on the hose is displaced laterally enough relative to the shaft (and the stainless steel flange) that water will spurt in through the gap.  in the end I replaced the Shaft Seal with a conventional stuffing box because I was worried about the relatively thin walled corrugated hose keeping all the seawater out of the boat (likely not a rational perspective).  Anyway, I used the Western Pacific GTU packing with the new box.  I got three rings inside the box.  Because the GTU does such a good job sealing up the shaft, it was difficult to properly tighten the nut to let the one to two drops per minute flow and not too much or too little.  I took to the whole shaft coupling and stuffing box out two years later during a haul out.  The packing looked brand new.  I have now convinced myself to wait at least four years to replace the packing and I may go longer. 

Note: I also us Western Pacific GTU on Wailana and like it! – Greg S.