• Owners: Mark & Karen W.
  • Location: Seward/Anchorage, AK
  • Year: 1987
  • Hull #: 4
  • Sail #: 69750
  • PHRF #: ?

“Berthed in Seward Alaska and sailed in all the north gulf coast waters of Alaska
Original owner hence only one name
Raced for one year in Seattle area and then in Alaska for about 15 years very successful club race history now mostly cruise
Raised a family of 6 kids cruising with it in Alaska with many great experiences. Now its our empty nest boat.
Engine replaced 12 years ago, topsides hull Imron painted 10 years ago
Probably only 34 with an electric windlass due to deep anchorages in Alaska
Anchor locker is not a functional design for Alaska with the large anchor and long rode and the wood has broken down on head wall and will be replaced this summer. Some water migration around a few fitting on deck around companion way garage.
Still has aged gracefully for all its use and sails very well.”


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