Q & A

Burning Questions; If you know the answer to any of these please leave a reply (at the bottom) and we’ll add it to the knowledge base!

  • Question: Polar diagrams for the Express 34 – anybody have them?

Answer: Oh yeah. Check them out here! – E34_Polars

  • Question: Cracks in the stanchion bases on the inside of the boat – only on the port side.

Answer: Water getting in and freezing expands and cracks the base. Prevent water from accessing the stanchion base. Or move to a tropical climate where freezing isn’t a problem. From Joseph M. on Sabrina – Glenn Cove, NY

  • Question: How do I fix rotten core in the deck?

Answer: Click here!

  • Question: Express 34 racing tips?
  • Question: How do you control weather helm? I seem to have excessive amounts going upwind.
  • Question: In very light winds at low speed I sometimes lose all helm control. I think it’s cause I stall my keel. It could be we have a lot of current in the Pacific Northwest. Any way to prevent that?
  • Question: Weird compartment/shelf way upfront under the forward bunk? A battery box?
  • Question: Installing a crash box forward. Anybody done this?
  • Question: Tuning the rig. Any ideas or specs?
  • Question: Copies of the original manuals that came with the boat?
  • Question: Proper use of the check stays? Necessary or just another thing to trip over?
  • Question: Fine tune setup on the mainsheet needed or just another thing to add to the cockpit spaghetti?
  • Question: Any experience in dropping the rudder?
  • Question: Forward hatch doesn’t seat well and leaks on the starboard front corner. Anybody else have this issue?
  • Question: Blisters on the bottom near the keel/hull connection. I’ve got about a dozen zits and have heard about this on the 27′ Expresses. Can I just barrier coat this area or should I do the whole thing?

6 thoughts on “Q & A

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    1. Wailana Express 34 Post author

      Aaah! Thanks Mark!

      My boat had a collapsible black water bag as its holding tank. This spring I ripped out the entire holding tank/toilet system and replaced it with one of these. It was a beautiful day when I got rid that stinky mess. The Porta Pottie will hold enough for our family of three for 3-4 days. I thought about installing a composting toilet but couldn’t make it quite fit.



    fine tune on the mainsheet is nice I have ours mounted inside the boom 3/1 purchase so there is no more extra spaghetti in the cockpit.


    1. Wailana Express 34 Post author

      Thanks for the reply.
      I hear what you’re saying about the cockpit spaghetti. In this year’s Swiftsure race we had six people in harnesses and tethers attached to jacklines. This was due to rough weather & the skipper’s (me) paranoia. Taking a leak was a 15 minute ordeal!

      How do you mount the fine tune inside the boom?


      Greg S. – Wailana



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